About me and my blog

My name is Pablo Aretxabala.

I was born in 1970 in a little village of Bizkaia (Basque Country – Spain) named Balmaseda. Now I live in the beatiful coasting city of Getxo.

I am married and I have two lovely children.

I studied law in Deusto University and also I am MBA in enterprise administration.

In my professional career I have been Organization and Finances Coordinator of Ezker Batua Berdeak in Basque Country, CEO of my own enterprise named Euskoasesores and from the last seven years CEO of a great public company dependent on the Regional Government of the Basque Country.

Now I am part of the team of Koldo Saratxaga in K2K Emocionando: we try to manage companies with a different style of relationship in order to achieve extraordinary results. Specifically, now I am General Coordinator of Itziar’s Plant in Nicolás Correa, S.A. a great company that manufactures milling machines.

This is the thirth period of my blog Hontza (Owl in basque language); if you want, you can see the first and the second period. Perhaps you are wondering why I write my blog in English… the answer is in the first of my posts here.


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  2. Buenas noches,
    Por favor, Puedes borrar un comentario que hice el 2008 (Lidia08/01/2008 en 15:34••Responder → ) el anunciado era La quiebra familiar.
    Muchas Gracias.

  3. Hola Pablo!
    Un placer leer tu blog, además de aprender me divierto!
    Muchas ganas de escucharte en la Escuela de Armeria de Eibar
    Un saludo
    Iratxe Baskaran ( miembro del grupo de autogestión Haudalan)

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