14 days in prison

I had the pleasure of meeting Juantxo Lopez de Uralde three years ago in a talk he gave in EB headquarters in Getxo. I found a guy «jatorra» and absolutely committed to his ideas but nothing sectarian or dogmatic.

Juantxo (along with three other colleagues) is in custody and in solitary confinement for 14 days ago, exactly since 17 December, and it can impose a sentence of 6 years in prison.

What is the terrible crime committed by Juantxo for such law enforcement action against him? Sneak into the gala dinner of the failed climate summit in Copenhagen to highlight the shameful attitude of world leaders. You can see the bold attack in the next video

Isolated 14 days in a danish cell by a absolutely peaceful act of civil disobedience … this is justice we have!

¿Anything can be done? Yes, you can press and ciberact.Algo se podrá hacer, no? Pues sí, you can press and ciberact.

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