What would you be willing to do for save your children’s future?

My Family (Cristina, Asier and Jon Ander)

My Family (Cristina, Asier and Jon Ander)

This combined crisis that we are living could be, if we want, a great oportunity to save our planet and the future of our children.

Humans have a lot of faults and one of the most dangerous is our lack of long term vision and of overall view.

I think all the important decisions about economy, about growth, about energetic resources, etc should pass the following two simple questions to be accepted:

  • The decision, is able to be aplied for everybody all over the world?
  • The decision, is really sustainable in time? Are we sure that have not inconvenients in long term?

Unfortunatelly, our way of life (in the «first world», I mean) has their bases in the inequality and in the thoughtlessness.

We don’t need to appeal to great indicators or special economical theories to realize about the absolut and complete impossibility that the 6.000 millions of persons who inhabit the Earth Planet could live in the same way we do it in the «first world».

We know this perfectly, and we know that our beautiful first world is supported by the extreme poverty of the rest of the humankind, but we (and I include myself) prefer to close our eyes to this unconfortable truth.

There’s no future for this world we have built, I’m sure of it.

I don’t know the solution… but I’m reading a lot of very, very interesting things about «De-growth» (for example in spanish this article in El País or this blog, or in english, the wikipedia) and perhaps…

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