First step to take advantage from the crisis

That crisis is going to be longer and deeper than any other before nowadays, but that doesn’t meant that we are at the end of the world.

We can blame on someone or we can hope a miracle; neither of both will work anyway.

If we really want to take advantage from the crisis we must start to adapt to the circumstances: as soon as we begin, better we’ll be when the crisis ends.

In my opinion there are two specially important tips about this for the companies:

  • Your company has much less posibilities to survive if you hold the division betwen property and workers. Property has the capital, the money, but the persons who work in the company has the knowledge, and both will be absolutly necessaries in the future.
  • Our companies, the property,the executives, the workers, everybody, must learn to live and to work with less; must learn to expend less, to reuse more, to be much more efficient… and we must learnt it as soon as possible.

This is only the first step, but if you don’t take it, you will not arrive anywhere

(Traducción automática al castellano)

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