The orgasm of Zapatero with Obama

My friend Jose A. del Moral has posted a very smart twit today: «Spain is such a minor country that its president has an orgasm after having a 45 min. interview with Mr. Obama«

This is the photo of the «historic moment»:


Opps, sorry, this is President Gonzalez with Reagan… now is the good one


Oh shit! this is President Gonzalez again, with Bush father… I’m sure the next one is what we are looking for…


Can you belive it? President Gonzalez again, with a third President of the United States, President Clinton!!! My Good! I thought only Zapatero has a photo with a President of the United States but… anyway, lets continue the search


I think I know of something this moustache, but I’m almost sure that he is not Zapatero… I’m really tired, is posible that all the Presidents of Spain have had a photo with all the Presidents of the United States?


Ok, it’s enough for me, I search for a last photo and I hope this is the one with Zapatero and Obama

obama-zapateroWell, President Zapatero, you already have your photo… could you please start to govern your country? Thanks

6 comentarios en “The orgasm of Zapatero with Obama

  1. OSO

    It was also very funny to see Mr Ansar talking in english with his friends George W «Mr smart» Bush, and Tony «the lier and terrorist» Blair in the Azores

    Me gusta

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