Drugs: the dilema betwen chase or legislate

el-roto«Drugs were damaging the one who was consuming them, so they decided to chase them…

Now already are damaging to all of us

It’s been a great success»

Legislation of drugs could save UK £14bn, says satudy

The regulated legalisation of drugs would have major benefits for taxpayers, victims of crime, local communities and the criminal justice system, according to the first comprehensive comparison between the cost-effectiveness of legalisation and prohibition. The authors of the report, which is due to be published today, suggest that a legalised, regulated market could save the country around £14bn.

1 comentario en “Drugs: the dilema betwen chase or legislate

  1. Jakot

    As you probably know, recently, many former South American presidents like Ernesto Zedillo (México), Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Brasil) and Cesar Gaviria (Colombia) declared that prohibitionist policies have failed and the objective of eliminating drugs if further now than ever. I cannot imagine them saying the same 10 years before analyzing their political background. It seems that things can start changing.
    European Union and the US espent last year more than 60.000 milion € in antidrug poicies. Results? Minimum. I think it is obvious that many things should change, and faster than now

    Me gusta


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