Patxi Lopez the new President (Lehendakari) of the Basque Country

Photo from

Photo from

An image is worth more than thousand words. It’s not the first time I told to you, and about the same question.

In this photo you can see Mr Ibarretxe, the ex-president of the Basque Country and Mr. López, the new elected President. Who do you think is each one? How do you think each one is living that moment?

Anyway, from this modest blog, I wish to Mr López the best in his new responsability and I hope he becomes the President of all basque people as he has promised.

Also I want to thank Mr. Ibarretxe for his last ten years of complete dedication to the wellfare of our country. I think he can be proud of his work and I wish him a future full of success outside of politics.

6 comentarios en “Patxi Lopez the new President (Lehendakari) of the Basque Country

  1. Iñaki Ortiz

    Yo vi las imágenes en la tele y esa foto no me parece representativa de las imágenes que yo vi. Me da la impresión de que los de El País la han escogido con pinzas.

    Por lo demás, comparto tus buenos deseos y tu agradecimiento.

    Me gusta

  2. Paul

    This photo is a clear example of manipulation. Ibarretxe is very angry and Lopez very happy. Its meaning is that Ibarretxe is very bad and Lopez very nice.

    Me gusta

  3. jakot

    the photo is not surprising. We all know how works «El Pais» or what they want to transmit.
    Nevertheless being precise, you should not call Ibarretxe «ex president» as you do, because legally (and formally) he will be Lehendakari untill his death like Garaikoetxea or Ardanza. To call him former president would be better.

    Me gusta

  4. Alorza

    Take it easy! In fact, Mr. Ibarretxe was very angry, and we could hear a very disappointed speech from him. Obviously, the picture is chosen for political reasons, but it shows some of the real thing.

    Me gusta

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